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Hello boys are Fabio an operator give beyond a decade in the real estate field. In my job I have lived the several markets that have been ollowed and in every market I have always noticed opportunity for who wanted to pick to them. True he is that this is a delicate moment in order to speak about opportunity but if is known to estimate the market well offers today of the valid opportunities of business for who wants to make to yield own investments and to prepare the bases for when it arrives the resumption of the economy of which already of the little ones it marks them perceives. Indeed after a strong period of crisis he follows always an as much strong resumption, as it he has been for the period after the avalanche of Tangentopoli from 1998 to 2006 has been a rich economy but without rules that have carried to the situation today. Sure from this everyone has been reorganized oculatamente for being able first to survive then and for reimpostare own company or own life curing of the details that in a rich economy were not taken in consideration. Creed however in the today present difficulties for the young people or who has lost or will lose the job in the next few months, thinking that the government must make something in more for these persons and in order making that the economy resumes itself in way but ordered guaranteeing to all the stability that today unfortunately has come to lack. Fire-brick - we speak of it has been born from a my passion for the comparison for being able to receive and to give to information thanks to which to comprise real estate economic dynamics better and. For those who they see like me the comparison like base of increase and business WELCOMES!
informs after l' ok of the regions, to the way the flat house the time, thursday 2 apr 09 government and regions have caught up an agreement on the flat house. the definitive version of the provision concurs l ’ widening of 20% of houses mono and bi-relatives with cubatures till 1000 m3. free way to the demolitions and reconstructions of buildings, residential and not, whose original volumetria could be increased of 35%, on condition that the reconstruction is accompanied from participations of requalification acclimatizes them and energetic saving. the works of widening and reconstruction cannot interest illicit centers, buildings and inedificabili areas historical, while they are tolerated in degraded zones if they carry to an improvement of the quarter. government and regions, at last, are engaged to characterize in the new chief town lodgings to rent to the social categories more svantaggiate. now the regions have time 90 days in order to emanate laws ad hoc, that they will remain in vigor for 18 months, with the possibility to indicate percentages different for l ’ increase of the cubatures and to extend the prohibition of application of the norm to ulterior withins, as the cultural assets and the areas of pregio acclimatizes them and landscaped In this blog you will find comments considerations and information inherent to the real estate field and eventual investments from being able to make for who have the will to increase own resources Fabio

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